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WayPoint Recovery is an integrated, outpatient, behavioral health transitional treatment program that takes the traditional evidence-based practice for behavioral health treatment and incorporates recreational and wilderness therapies; this coupled with an extended 180-day program will provide greater results that will be achieved by the recovering addict. At WayPoint we subscribe to the philosophy, “the opposite of addiction is not sobriety, the opposite of addiction is connection”. With this in mind, we created an environment where clients can find lasting connections and interact in a variety of creative and meaningful ways. Experience has taught us that this program works best in conjunction with additional therapy services and techniques involving group and individual therapy, 12-Step programs, behavioral therapies, and life skills training, job skills and trade skills. All of this is accomplished while our clients live in on-campus housing in a group setting.

WayPoint Recovery is nestled in the heart of the White Mountains of Arizona, sitting on almost 300 acres of woodland property and neighboring millions of acres of National Forest. Our 10,000 sqft facility is smack dab in the great outdoors!

The Clinical and Program directors at WayPoint Recovery are tenured, hands-on professionals specializing in a variety of in-class training and alternating recreational and wilderness therapy. A first person, belly-to-belly approach, allows the individuals to identify for themselves their own stumbling blocks, unlocking their individual pathway to recovery.

Each member of our staff has experienced addiction in their own lives! They have a combined total of over 50 years of sobriety. They understand what you are going through and you can follow them with confidence to a life free of addiction.

Through years of work within addiction recovery, we have consistently demonstrated that one of the greatest factors affecting recidivism rates is consistent immersive time in a program. Our extended 180-day in program is unique and will give you the edge you need to learn lifelong skills for recovery.

The WayPoint program of recreational therapy focuses on the four pillars of recovery. This unique program allows for embedded recovery tools and life skills that will stay with an addict, giving them a better chance at life-long remission.

The WayPoint Team is ready to help you push past mere sobriety and understand what real recovery looks like.
Give us a call, we’re here to answer all your questions (928) 551-6099.


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