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Currently, WayPoint is an all-adult male program. We have great interest in adding a female campus and even a female IOP program, please check in with us for updates on these.

We are preferred providers with many insurance companies, and we are adding new ones all the time. You can find a scrolling list of insurance company logos on the front page of ones that we provide for. Please contact us to find out if we take your insurance.

The WayPoint program is a 6 month (180 day) behavioral health therapy program. Some individuals may require less time in program, and some may require more.

WayPoint patients work through Phases within the program, based on time and assignments completed. Visitations and communications with loved ones is built into the program.

WayPoint Charities offers scholarship opportunities to assist with financial hardships. Give us a call to discuss the details.

Yes and No.  As part of the healing process WayPoint will always encourage patients to seek healing through their higher power. However, we do not push any specific religion. Our entire staff is a mixed bag of religious backgrounds and beliefs.

That is the best question to ask. Generally speaking, if you are thinking about it then you are probably ready. Give us call, we’re happy to help you with this.

No. Sober living is the next step after you’ve learn the skills and behaviors to get sober and keep you there.

Yes. We are going to help you work through one battle at a time, so let’s not try to quit smoking the same time we are working on sobriety.

During your time with us you will also have opportunities to learn life and trade skills and we’ll even help you hunt for a job with a job coach.


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